Greater Glory Of God

Everything for the sake of my Loving Jesus

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He Taught Us To Love As God Loves Us Unconditionally And Without Expecting Anything In Return.
Love Is To Give Oneself Totally And He Taught Us To Love By Giving Himself Fully Without Any Reservation.

Mr. D. Chinnappan

A Model Husband & Father After The Image Of St. Joseph

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ख्रीस्तीय विश्वास के रहस्यों को समझने हमारे पॉडकास्ट सुनिए |

The book has three major parts:
god's journey

St. Augustine Of Hippo

“To Fall In Love With God Is The Greatest Romance; To Seek Him The Greatest Adventure; To Find Him, The Great Human Achievement.”

journey of bethlehem

St. Clare Of Assisi

“We Become What We Love And What We Love Shapes What We Become.”

Interviewed by Mr. Som
Interviewed by Mr. Vikram
Frequently Asked Questions

What have you got from the Birth of Jesus?

God Became Human. So What? What Does That Mean To Anyone? Does It Have Anything To Do With You? Has It Had Any Effect On Your Life? How Can You Get The Best Out Of The Great Event Of Incarnation – God Becoming Human? This Great Event Has Much More Than Humans Can Ever Think Of! If You Don’t Believe Me, Give Try Read It And Add Your Views As Well; And Even If You Do Believe, Deepen The Faith!